Career Development

Talent Concept

Talent-oriented, people make the best use of their talents, and have both ability and integrity

The company provides employees with a broad development platform and an open and transparent promotion mechanism. According to the company's current condition and business nature, employees' career development is designed with two channels.
1、Professional channel (technical channel): assistant staff-specialist staff (researcher)-senior staff (engineer)-expert staff (senior engineer)-senior expert and chief engineer
2、Management channel: team leader-supervisor-assistant manager-deputy manager-business manager-department manager-deputy director-director-general manager assistant-deputy general manager-general manager

Enterprise Care

In addition to the salary and welfare, the enterprise also provides a variety of humanistic care, so that employees can feel the warmth of home.
The company arranges a comprehensive health examination for employees every year
Annual tourism plan
Annual party
Union dinner
Scholarship program
Congratulatory cash gift for birth of a baby
Birthday card
Joining anniversary awards