About us

PHT International Co., Ltd

PHT USA: Founded in 1993 by Ms. Li Hong , is a professional company dedicated to the supply of high-quality chemicals, The products involve multiple fields including pigments, dyes, pesticides and medicine.
PHT International's core mission is to provide the best quality products and the most trusted customer service in the industry. Headquarter is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, the United States, with offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Ningbo.
PHT's core values:
PHT is
People: Talent, We believe that talent is our greatest asset.
Honesty: Integrity, We insist on integrity intransigence.
Trust: Trust, We believe we are a trusted partner.





Founder and President

Founder and President of PHT International, PHT was established in 1993 to provide exemplary services and products to the chemical industry. Yu Lihong is from Ningbo, China, and holds a bachelor's degree in English literature and American culture and society from Chinese University outside Beijing. She founded PHT International after many years as a sales manager at Sinochem. As a respected leader in the chemical industry, her vision lays the foundation for PHT.

Since its inception in 1993, PHT International has earned a reputation as a reliable business partner, consistently providing our customers with quality products and excellent service. This determination to be a trusted partner has become a core value of our company and a direct result of a women's vision.

Born in Ningbo, China, she grew up During The Chinese Cultural Revolution. Her parents were exiled when she was six years old and left her with her grandparents to look after her. In this difficult time, she has taken on the responsibility of managing the family budget to ensure that the whole family has access to food, she is looking for more ways to expand her limited income, and the drive of responsibility has been a key factor in her and her family's success.




J. Michael Rigsbee

Chief Financial Officer

J. Michael Rigsbee had spent over 25 years as a senior accountant and CFO before joining the PHT community. As our CFO, Mike heads our financial and operations departments, driving efficiencies and ensuring smooth operations at PHT.


Tobias Kuehl

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

As part of the Executive Leadership team, Tobi works to drive the planning, development, and implementation of strategic initiatives to increase PHT's business growth and operational excellence.